Sea Salt + Pepper Pistachios

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Sea Salt + Pepper Pistachios


Gilded Nut’s John Powers had his eyes opened to good food at an early age. Every day in grade school, he’d ride his bicycle all the way home, choosing to enjoy his mother’s home cooking over underwhelming school lunch (go Mom!). Upon returning to his classmates at the playground, John would take snack orders through the fence, for one last foodie freedom ride.

It’s no small wonder, then, that John decided plain old roasted pistachios needed an upgrade. After much spice cabinet raiding, John emerged with these stellar sea salt and black pepper-flecked nuts.

John buys directly from small-scale pistachio growers who leave their nuts on the tree until fully ripe and the shells open naturally (who knew?!!). Then, every jumbo California pistachio is tumbled in buttery extra virgin olive oil, so the spices hold on tight. 

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Gilded Nut’s salt and pepper pistachios come in a perfect on-the-run box, with convenient space to hold your empty shells – just shake to coat with all the flavorful seasonings at the bottom of the bag.

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Sea Salt + Pepper Pistachios

Sea Salt + Pepper Pistachios

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