Nippies Skin Lift – Caramel

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Nippies Skin Lift – Caramel


Get full coverage and a gravity boost without having to wear a bra with these lifting nipple covers. The best pasties with lift are strong but kind to your skin.

2 Sizes: Size 1 is designed to fit A-C cups and size 2 is the best choice for cups D+ (If you’re unsure of your size, go larger!)

1. Clean and dry your skin.2. Remove tray and peel sheet off.*Don’t throw these away! You’ll need them for proper storage.3. Press cup onto your breast and hold for 5 seconds.4. Pull tab up and smooth onto skin.

To clean Nippies Lift nipple covers:1. Rinse with mild soap and water.2. Air dry on the counter or a towel with the inside of the cups facing up.

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Nippies Skin Lift - Caramel

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