Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 20″ China Pang

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Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 20″ China Pang


Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Series 20” China Pang Cymbal

The Istanbul Traditional cymbals bring you a range of spectacular sounds that will fit perfectly in many music styles from Jazz to Heavy Metal. These handmade cymbals have been fully lathed and are dark, responsive, controllable and musical all combined in one.

The Istanbul Mehmet China Pang cymbal is different from all the regular chinese cymbals out there. This Istanbul cymbal has been designed with a bell similar to that of a normal crash cymbal, instead of the flattop bell that china’s usually have. This versatile cymbal can be mounted regularly to be played as a swooshy ride or inverted to create sharp and controllable china sounds. Add something a bit different to your set-up with this china pang Traditional cymbal!


  • 20”


  • TR-CH-PG20


Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 20" China Pang