Istanbul Mehmet Radiant 12″ Bell

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Istanbul Mehmet Radiant 12″ Bell


Istanbul Mehmet 12” Bell Cymbal – Radiant Series

The Istanbul Mehmet Radiant cymbals are able to produce an excellent penetrating sound that is suited for most musical situations, especially pop and rock. Each cymbal in the Radiant Series has been carefully hand polished to create a lovely, brilliant finish. Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon and many more) uses these very Istanbul cymbals and the Radiants are a permanent fixture in his cymbal set-up!

Istanbul Mehmet’s Radiant bell cymbal would make a great addition to any cymbal set-up. This 12” cymbal has a lovely warm feel mixed with a musical and high pitched bell, providing you with all those high and penetrating sounds you love to hear! The Radiant bell cymbal may only be small but it could transform your whole performance! Add a Istanbul bell cymbal to your set-up and hear the difference for yourself!


  • 12”


  • RAD-R-BL12


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Istanbul Mehmet Radiant 12" Bell

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