Irish Turf Fire Candle

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Irish Turf Fire Candle


The earthy smokey aroma of peat turf and moss combined with woody herbs, give this handmade candle an uncanny similarity to a real turf fire. Made in Dublin by Dalkey Aromatics each candle is hand-poured in 100% natural biodegradable soy wax with a pure cotton wick, essential oils, and premium fragrances. Available in two sizes, this makes a super gift, especially if sending to a loved one overseas. Packaged in a tin, each candle has the description of the aroma printed on the wraparound: 

‘Only once did my family go to the bog near us to ‘cut and save’ turf. It was back-breaking work but we had a van load of fuel for the fire to show for our efforts. This aroma instantly transports me back to a moment in time and the fire from our ‘oul sods.’- Ruth of Dalkey Aromatics

This candle is part of a series by Dalkey Aromatics inspired by familiar Irish scents. If you like the Turf Fire candle, you are sure to love the Irish Soda Bread candle too.   

Small turf fire: 15+ hour burn time// gross weight approx 150gm

Large turf fire: 30+ hour burn time// gross weight approx 250gm

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Irish Turf Fire Candle

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