Dundalk LeisureCraft Elite Accessories Package

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Dundalk LeisureCraft Elite Accessories Package

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For the Perfect Sauna Experience

This elite accessories package by Dundalk Leisurecraft is a must-have for your sauna! This package includes everything that’s needed for an authentic, effective, and enjoyable sauna experience, including:

  • Cedar bucket and ladle
  • Cedar thermometer/hygrometer combo
  • Indoor/outdoor sauna light

Benefits of the Cedar Bucket & Ladle

If you want to enjoy a “wet” sauna and make steam during your sauna sessions, then the cedar bucket and ladle is a perfect and necessary accessory. Simply fill the bucket with water and use the ladle to gently pour water on your heater rocks to create a burst of revitalizing steam. The ladle makes it easy to add the perfect amount of water each time. Plus, the high-quality cedar construction ensures the bucket and ladle can handle the heat of the sauna, without getting too hot for your hands.

Benefits of the Cedar Thermometer/Hygrometer Combo

An effective sauna session is ALL about the temperature. If you want to be assured your sauna is at the temperature you want, then this stylish Dundalk thermometer is essential! You can place the thermometer near or above the sauna heater to measure the heater output, or further away to be assured hot air in the sauna is evenly distributed and ready for your sessions. The built-in hygrometer helps you keep track of the humidity levels for when you decide to enjoy a “wet” sauna (aka a steam sauna), using the bucket and ladle.

Benefits of the Sauna Light

Enhance your safety with this flexible sauna light. Designed specifically for Dundalk LeisureCraft Saunas, this sauna light is 110 Volts and is built to be used inside or outside the sauna. Easy to install and even easier to use, this sauna light will ensure you can safely navigate in and around your sauna, whether you want to increase illumination inside the sauna, or ensure your path outside is well-lit.

This specially designed Dundalk LeisureCraft Elite Accessories Package will take your sauna sessions to the next level of relaxation. Order yours today and enjoy a better sauna experience tomorrow.

Dundalk LeisureCraft Elite Accessories Package