Archimedes Aero Tri Suit – Black/Blue


Archimedes Aero Tri Suit – Black/Blue


For the athlete, looking for the ultimate in triathlon suit comfort, aerodynamics, performance and speed.

The future of the triathlon suit is changing. We noticed this very early on and have decided that the only way to create something great is to rewrite the rule book and change expectations. 

Key Features

  • Improved aerodynamic fabric on back and sleeves.
  • Improved control of the bicep muscles to reduce oscillation.
  • Shoulder and upper arm UV protection.
  • Arms Neutral™ design for swim comfort and aero efficiency.
  • Aero rear pocket.
  • Longer arms and legs for aero benefits.
  • Lightweight quick drying fabrics.
  • Incredible time-saving performance. 

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Archimedes Aero Tri Suit - Black/Blue

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